The art behind the art of logo design

The creation process of dzn’s hawk logo.

We sat down to brainstorm ideas and pretty much hit upon a hawk straight away. It represents our mantra perfectly.. ‘be seen’.

We studied some images of hawks & videos of them in-flight, just to get a feel for this awesome animal and a basis on which to start sketching out some ideas.

hawk dzn logo research

Sketch time
After a few initial doodles, we start to refine our favourite concepts.


Selection time
We chose the logo for it’s simplicity, elegance, scalability, B&W & would work well for a landing animation.
(check out the menu)

Logo doodles hawk dzn


The crafting of the logo on the mac begins.
Using Geometric, golden-ratio principles, we forge out the shape of the hawk, to create a visually appealing shape. Numbers can be beautiful!

Once satisfied, we settle on this logo. Then we fan through various colour options.

Dzn Hawk Logo Creation Process

Et Voila
Like it?

dzn logo

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