100 Best Social Media Marketing Techniques

76. Offer a sneak peek: Whet your fans’ appetites by showing a sneak peek of an upcoming blog post, contest or product launch.

77. Start a conversation with an industry leader: Tag or mention an industry guru in a post (just be aware you might be left hanging!).

78. Post a photo collage: A tool like PicMonkey can help you create one.

79. Teaser content: Posting a link to a blog post? Don’t reveal the punch line. This will usually increase your clickthroughs.

80. Make an industry prediction:Speculate on what’s in store for your niche or industry.

81. Post a creative or unexpected use for your product: Be sure to also ask your fans for ideas.

82. Link to a blog comment: Have a particularly helpful or controversial comment on your blog? Post a link and get your fans and followers to weigh in.

83. Answer an FAQ: Have a question you get asked a lot? Answer it on social media.

84. Post a link to old newsletters:Recycle your newsletters and gain new subscribers at the same time.

85. Ask your fans for content ideas:Find out which issues or problems your fans need help with.

86. Post a link to a helpful Facebook or LinkedIn group: If you know of a helpful resource on Facebook or LinkedIn, share a link with your fans.

87. Tell a story: Share a funny or interesting anecdote from your life.

88. Find out what your competitors are sharing, and do it better: An easy way to do this is by using a tool like Social Crawlytics.

89. Use your website analytics to find content ideas: Take a quick look through your analytics to find out which topics generate the most interest from your audience.

90. Hold a Q&A session: Promote a live Q&A period where you’ll answer fan questions.

91. Share an opinion: Your followers want to know you stand for something; don’t be afraid to take sides on an issue (as long as you can and do stand behind your views).

92. Post a link to an employee bio: If you have bios on your site, post a link to help your fans get to know the brains behind your company.

93. Answer a question from Quora:Find a relevant question on Quora and answer it on social media.

94. Respond to a tag or mention: See who’s been trying to get your attention and respond to them in a post.

95. Post an excerpt from a blog post:Rather than just posting a link and summary of the post, cut and paste a particularly intriguing excerpt to pique your readers’ interest.

96. Share a chart: Share an interesting chart or graph that’s relevant to your audience.

97. Post a screenshot of a social media conversation (with permission): Add your own thoughts to the conversation.

98. Promote an industry-related event: This can either be a live or online event.

99. Share a funny commercial: Post a commercial that would be appeal to your fans or followers.

100. Promote your products or services:  There’s a reason this one is last on the list. There’s a time and a place for self-promotion on social media, but first and foremost, use social media to build relationships, establish trust, and build your reputation as an industry expert. When people do want to buy, who do you think they’ll come to first?

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